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2000-12-21 2001 Tour Date Changes
The 03.16.01 show which was originally scheduled for Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis has now been switched to Louisville Gardens Arena. The show in Indianapolis has been moved to 03.17.01, at the same venue. To see the exact changes, check out the 2001 Winter Tour Page

2000-12-19 Onsale Dates

Here are the first confirmations for day-of-sale regarding the 2001 Winter Tour:

  • Portland, OR 01.31.01 -- onsale 12.15.00 @ 4pm
  • Vancouver, BC 02.02.01 -- onsale 12.16.00 @ 12pm
  • Seattle, WA 02.03.01 -- onsale 12.18.00 @ 4pm
  • Sacramento, CA 02.05.01 -- onsale 12.17.00 @ 12pm
  • San Antonio, TX 02.13.01 -- onsale 12.16.00 @ 10am
  • Norfolk, VA 02.25.01 -- onsale 12.15.00 @ 10am
  • Scranton, PA 02.27.00 -- onsale 12.22 @ 12pm
  • Lewiston, ME 03.07.01 -- onsale 12.16.00 @ 10am
  • Milwaukee, WI 03.30.01 -- onsale 12.16.00 @ 10am

Stay tuned to this site for more details as they become available. To find out more information, you can click the (D)etails icon from the 2001 Winter Tour Page. Box office information, and where available the number to the ticketmaster vendor has been noted.

**Please note that all of the above onsale dates have been confirmed. Even though a few may/may not contradict previously posted information, or any dates ticketmaster or any other ticketing service may be reporting. If any clarification needs to be made, we recommend contacting your venue's box office to vindicate our onsale dates. Thank you, and we apologize for the slight confusion

2000-12-15 Top 50 Albums of 2000
The December 28th issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (issue 858/859)-- "Rock & Roll Yearbook" has 'Mer de Noms' listed as one of the top 50 albums of 2000.

2000-12-11 2000 Shoutweb Music Awards

At the first annual Shoutweb 2000 Music Awards, A Perfect Circle pretty much dominated the event.

  • Song of the Year -- Judith
  • Video of the Year -- Judith
  • Best Debut Album of 2000 -- Mer De Noms
  • Vocalist of the Year -- Maynard James Keenan
  • Guitar Player of the Year -- Billy Howerdel

To see the results for yourself, check out the Award Listings over at ShoutWeb.com.

2000-12-10 Tour Details
Now that the tour dates have been confirmed, we will be keeping you informed regarding ticketing details as they become available. In the meantime, please check out the venue locations which have been loaded to the 2001 Tour Page and find directions to the available venues.

2000-12-08 2001 Tour Dates Confirmed
As promised, we have the confirmed dates for the A Perfect Circle 2001 Tour! Mark your calendars! We will have the rest of the details about when and where to buy tickets very soon. Enjoy.

2000-12-06 "3 Libras" Video
As you have noticed some changes have been made to the site, which include a new mailing list link and the new "3 Libras" video available to stream via Real Player. To check out the video, simply click the 'Music' link from the navigation feature to the left and choose your designated speed. The video will soon be available to watch in Quick Time as well, so stay tuned.

2000-12-06 Tour News
Currently, the band is preparing to launch their next North American Tour. The tour will start at the end of January and extend through to the end of March 2001. These dates have yet to be confirmed, which is why you have not seen any update in the "Tour" section of the site. Once we have all the information, we will post the dates and details (including ticketing info. & opening band).

2000-12-06 Mailing List
The mailing list is an up and coming feature of this site. We are currently building a master list of APC fans, to help us all stay as up-to-date as possible. If you would like to receive consistent updates, news, and messages directly from the band, please feel free to sign up for the mailing list...and don't forget to mark the 'Street Team' box if you are interested in helping us promote the upcoming tour.

2000-11-03 3 Libras
MTV will premier the new video from A Perfect Circle this Sunday, between 7-10:00 pm local time.


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