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2001-12-03 Bikini Bandits....
Check out the trailer from the Bikini Bandits movie, in which MJK makes a guest appearance. More on this very soon!!
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2001-11-20 from billy...
Check out a new band called "Abandoned Pools" www.abandonedpools.com

2001-11-02 Update from Paz
Flea opened up a music school, Silverlake Conservatory of Music. I will be teaching there.

Here is more info on the program..

Saturday 10:15am
Ages 4-9

First 15 minutes (painting)
Listening to music while painting watercolour images.

  • Discovering the relation of sight and sound through painting and music
  • Repertoire
  • Erik Satie
  • John Cage
  • Brian Eno
  • Miles Davis
  • Tortoise
    -Other World Music and Electronic Music

Next 15 Minutes (movement)
Learning the notes and rhythm through movement

  • The value of each note from whole notes to 16th notes
  • The value of each rest from whole rest to 8th rest
  • Major and Minor scales 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time
  • Dynamics

Next 15 minutes (read/write)
Learn to read and write music

  • The Grand Staff
  • Bass clef, Treble clef
  • Notes from whole notes to 16th notes
  • Rests
  • Dynamics

End of the 12 week program (gallery)
-Display of paintings drawn in class
-Music performance participation

Note: In mid session the kids will need to bring to class the instrument they are currently studying.

Please come dressed comfortably to class.

I am also working on a film. I will be doing the music and sound design. It is a thriller. And it is a lot of fun.

2001-10-31 Maynard Recommends:

Check out new releases from Tenacious D and Greg Edwards' (former bass player for Failure) new band Autolux. Both Tenacious D and Greg Edwards are long time friends who used to tour with Tool back in the day.

www.tenaciousd.com - available now!!
www.autolux.net - cd's available now!!

2001-10-31 Tenacious D-Day

Just a quick reminder that Tenacious D's new album Tenacious D is now in stores. The album was produced by the two and only Dust Brothers and features some special ass-kicking performances by Mr. Dave Grohl, Page Mcconnell from Phish, Warren Fitzgerald from the Vandals, and Steve McDonald from Redd Kross.
You'll be able to hear long time concert fav's like "Fuck Her Gently," "Tribute" and "Lee." It will ROCK your socks off!!

Check it out!

2001-10-31 Maynard on Autolux
"Autolux... Includes Greg Edwards on guitar. Greg played bass in a band called Failure, which toured with us for several years. Those of you familiar with Failure's music may remember songs like "The Nurse Who Loved Me," "Dirty Blue Balloons," and "Flaming Umbrellas." These are just a few examples of Greg's level of inspiration and genius. Greg and his companions Carla and Eugene inspire me. Their dynamic is pure. They listen to each other. They are concerned about the art of writing and translating and it is apparent every time i see them perform. Website... autolux.net"

2001-09-05 Simply Paz

Paz would like to thank Clara Black for making her website www.simplypaz.com - dedicated to Paz and her family. Check it out for info about Camerata Tango, Big Milk, and lots of photos.

2001-09-04 The latest within the circle...
The Bikini Bandits will be releasing their first feature length film on September 9th, starring Maynard, Dee dee Ramone, Corey Feldman, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf, Gary the Retard, Jello Biafra, the beautiful Bikini Bandits, and music by A PERFECT CIRCLE!!

***There will be a contest to WIN A TRIP to see the premiere!! Go to www.bikinibandits.com and www.gyromart.com for more info. Here's a link to the contest poster if you want to check out some photos.

2001-08-20 Big Milk Show
For those of you in LA, Big Milk will be playing The Viper Room in West Hollywood Tonight (Tuesday 8-21)

2001-07-16 Kiss My Grits --- Update
The website for the upcoming documentary, [featuring Paz Lenchantin]'Kiss My Grits' should be up soon, so please be sure to give it a look www.kissmygrits.net

A reminder to the people in the Southern California region, that the shows for this event will be July 18-21 at the Vogue Theatre in Hollywood (8pm).

The show also plans to be in San Francisco by the end of the month, Chicago August 16-19 for LadyFest Midwest, Seattle August 31-September 3rd for Bumbershoot, Washington D.C. in mid September with Discord Records, New York in late September and maybe Boston in October. We are going to have all this stuff up on the website when it gets going


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